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Stretch Effect

Are you tense, sore, or simply “stuck?” It might be time to stretch. This week’s video will help you increase your flexibility and improve how you feel and think!

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Worry Later

Does worry help, or prevent you from doing what is needed? This week’s video provides a sure-fire strategy to help you transform anxiety into action.

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Quick Change Artistry

Can you change quickly, or does it take awhile? The answer isn’t simple, but understanding the process can enable quicker and more lasting transformation.

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3 Tracks for Change

Are you on the right track? This week’s video will help you evaluate and adjust your direction for greater joy and satisfaction.

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Approaching the Impossible

How do you approach seemingly impossible challenges?  This week’s video provides four ways to turn overwhelm into confidence, right from the start.

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Emotional Options

Warning! This week’s video may feel confrontational, as I’m about to question a long-held belief. But this reality-based strategy will help you rise to a meet a new challenge – and rise above emotional obstacles.

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